ASTM Weathering Steel Plate

Weather structural hot rolled corten A steel plate standard

Corten A steel plate is very popular in the engineering. BBN as the professional steel manufacturer in China, we can supply the Corten A steel plate, Corten A steel,  Corten A weather steel, Corten A weather resistant.

Corten A steel plate is in great demand in today's industry because they are used more in today's construction industry. Corten A steel plate is safer and more effective than other steel plates. Corten A steel plate has a much longer durability. Corten A steel plate is made of the best raw materials and products, and its efficiency is getting higher and higher.

Corten A steel plate is also called weathering plate. It is so called because Corten A steel plate can easily resist corrosion caused by atmospheric conditions such as humidity and air. The main components of this alloy are copper and chromium. These Corten A steel plate is made of low alloy steel, but they have high tensile strength.

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